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Website:  sonablw.com
About the business: 
The main product focus of Sona BLW Precision Forging Group has always been differential bevel gears, differential assemblies & synchronizer rings, as well as speed gears with finish-forged and back-tapered dog toothing, reverse gears and reverse idler gears. This extensive product range is supplemented by Hatebur-forgings, cold extruded parts, steering knuckles and sophisticated precision forged parts for the truck industry.
Our precision forged components provide the optimum combination of the functional requirements which modern high-performance drivelines place on component design and safety, whilst maximizing quality and minimizing cost.
Location:  India, Gear manufacturer, Gurgaon, Sona Enclave Village, Village Begumpur Khatola
Phone:  +911244768200
Hours:  24
Member Since:  16-Jun-2017
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Precision forgings company http://www.sonablw.com/design-engg.html
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