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Website:  philipkimlaw.com
About the business: 
At Philip Kim Law, P.C., criminal defense law is what we do. Defense lawyer Philip Kim has committed his career to standing up for the accused, and protecting the rights and reputations of his valued clients. If you face criminal charges in Georgia, we can provide you with the skilled, effective defense representation you need.
Our Lawrenceville law firm can represent you at any point in the process, from pre-indictment investigations and grand jury hearings to criminal trials and appeals. The sooner we can begin building an effective defense for you, the better chance you have of putting this matter behind you.
Our approach to criminal law is thorough and proactive. We thoroughly analyze the state's cases against our clients to identify and expose weaknesses. We push for the early dismissals whenever possible. When appropriate, we provide skilled representation in plea negotiations and are always prepared for trial.
Location:  United States, GA, Lawrenceville, 260 Constitution Blvd.
Phone:  678-273-3500
Hours:  Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:30pm
Member Since:  03-Oct-2019

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