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Website:  megadrugonlinestore.com
About the business: 
We http://megadrugonlinestore.com/ and with a phone number of +1 (769) 300-1502 is a medical marijuana vendor based in USA . Mail Order Marijuana offer for sale a large number of Marijuana and weed strains for sale like OG Kush, Master Kush, High Grade and Medium Grade Marijuana, White widow, AK47, Pre rolled joints of indica and sativa strains, edibles, Marijuana Cookies and Crispies and Marijuana seeds of all kinds.
We ship direct from the USA to AU, EU, UK and most of the rest regions of the world. Recognizing the difficulty of researchers to get supplies of fine weed direct from USA, we decided to create this website with the aim to provide the USA and rest of the world with fine chemicals of almost any kind. You are at the right place to buy your medical marijuana and Weed. Its guarantee that you will not find a best Marijuana shop or weed company online store like this. Our customer support service are always ready to help you.
Location:  United States, Texas, Dallas, 1544 Edison St. Dallas
Member Since:  06-Mar-2018
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We http://megadrugonlinestore.com/ and with a phone number of +1 (769) 300-1502
(Last update: 06/03/2018, 12:30)

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